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That's true. We have what I'd guess you'd call a mini-grid in our
organization. We are getting the agent installed on all of the database
machines for centralized 'checking' of patches, etc. for data calls. Other
groups are using other various parts of the 'grid' concept software, like
streams and dataguard. So, while we have any RAC's setup, we using parts
of the various pieces of the 'grid' concept/software to tie the various
pieces across the country together, though not in any concerted, global

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For a true 'grid' with resource partitioning, that's true.  But you can
utilize the 10g Grid management console with many single instance



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My point is, how do you setup a Grid with Oracle RDBMS? 

RAC is not GRID and GRID is not RAC that is true.
GRID is a concept, not invented by Oracle. So obviously RAC is not a GRID
or viceversa. However if we wanna deploy a GRID environment using Oracle
RDBMS we need RAC. In Oracle terms RAC is a Grid Technology. 

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RAC is not Grid, Grid is not RAC.


Paul Baumgartel 

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Well in Oracle terms a Grid needs RAC.

Grid is a technology, concept. 

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Grid and RAC is not directly related. Grid may contain RAC, but it is not
a must. You may have databases 9i, 10g etc. and also hosts Solaris, Win,
etc. Grid enables you to manage these nodes. 


On 3/1/06, LiShan Cheng <exriscer@xxxxxxxxx > wrote: 


A single database cannot form a Grid. Grid is basically based on Real
Application Clusters, i.e you need > 1 server.

There are no such grid commands. The whole thing is not that simple.





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       Well, I am a final year B.E. student doing a project on Grid and we
selected the oracle 10g database for the project. Now, we have installed
the database, client and evrything but are confused about how to test the
grid. We know the DBA commands from 9i(since I am preparing to be a DBA)
but need to know where we can get grid specific commands for 10g. Any help
will be gladly accepted,



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