Re: 10g RAC -- Multiple DB's and mixed OS

  • From: Mogens Nørrgaard <mln@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 14:59:31 +0200

We have a number of RAC customers on Windows, and I'm not sure they have fewer or more problems than Unix/Linux RAC installations.

It doesn't matter, really. Windows is chosen because it's easier to find people to manage it. It becomes harder and harder to find VMS, Unix and Linux administrators these days.

And Windows might not be as good in some respects as Linux, but it doesn't matter if it's good enough.

So while I HATE monopolies and companies (private or public) abusing monopolistic positions (and that has often included Microsoft, IBM and Oracle for that matter), I do have to answer 'Windows' when an IT director asks me - unless he already has a history and the people in his organisation to use Linux.

I also have this one concern about Linux: Customers have absolutely no say in its future development. It's proudly free of commercial interests, which is, uhm, a cool thing for nerds and not so cool for customers.

Now let's have a good debate :-).

Moans Longballs Nogood

Kevin Closson wrote:

I have to admit, that was one heck of an interresting recommendation.
Do people still think windows servers (2003) still crash a lot or something?

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so a complete MS shop with no linux experience will be able to run
RAC on linux far easier than on windows. Uh huh.
and all the people that run it on windows successfully are just
kidding themselves?


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