RE: 10g RAC Install with Raw Devices

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Check the ownership on your raw devices. In order for the install to
work ownership must be oracle:oinstall, or oracle:dba if you haven't
created the oinstall group. If it is root:root then the installer will
fail. I believe that is the error I saw prior to realizing the correct
setting of ownership.


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Hey Guys,

I am doing a RAC install on an x86_64 RH4 box. We are using and
raw devices. The SAN is a MSA 1500. The issue that I am having is during
the Cluster install. The installer is complaining that all nodes can't
see the raw device location that I point it to for the OCR. I can dd
from all nodes to the device. Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone
know what test Oracle is using to determine connectivity? Are there any
other options that I should try before creating an SR?

hostName =
INFO: Query Returned: grid0
INFO: Calling Query fileQueries10.  exists

filename = /dev/sda2/
INFO: Query Returned: true
INFO: Calling Query ClusterQueries10.  IsItDir

PathName = /dev/sda2/
INFO: Query Returned: false
INFO: Calling Query cfsprereqQueries10.  isOHonCFS

oraclehome = /dev/sda2/

nodeList = grid0,grid1,grid2,grid3,

localNode =
Query Exception: RuntimeException
Query Exception Class: class oracle.sysman.oii.oiil.OiilQueryException
INFO: false
INFO: Calling Query ClusterQueries10.  IsItRaw

PathName = /dev/sda2/
SEVERE: The location /dev/sda2/, entered for the Oracle Cluster Registry
(OCR) is not shared across all the nodes in the cluster. Specify a
shared raw partition or cluster file system file that is visible by the
same name on all nodes of the cluster.





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