Re: 10g ORDER BY Performance

  • From: amit poddar <amit.poddar@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: regdba@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 12:08:35 -0400

do all these queries have group by ?

Oracle has introduced a new grouping algorithm visible in explain plan as HASH GROUP BY instead of SORT GROUP BY
which can change the ordering in aggregate queries.

If thats the case then you can try disabling this new algorithm by

setting  parameter
_gby_hash_aggregation_enabled to false


Peter Barnett wrote:
First, the disclaimer, someone made a very bad coding
decision!  Now the question is how to get out of the

We have about 2,000 scripts that do not have ORDER BY
clauses anywhere in them.  In 9i all of the queries
returned the rows in the correct order.  More a lucky
accident than anything else.

In 10g the optimizer has changed and the results are
returned unordered.  Since we are weeks away from go
live of a major project there is no time to edit and
test all of the scripts.  Management is now wanting us
to go live on 9i rather than 10g.  Something the DBA
team is really resisting but may be necessary.

I came across a _newsort_enabled parameter which did
not change the result set in 10g.  Is anyone aware of
a parameter that can be set in 10g that will give the
9i behavior other than setting the
optimizer_features_enabled to 9.2?  If we do that we
might as well be on 9i.

Pete Barnett

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