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Also if you install the 10g "Companion CD", or as I like to call it
"Disk 2"  (contains; java, apache, HTML DB, etc.), it must go under its
own Oracle home.

Seems 10g "Companion CD" contains 9i versions of some software.

Chris Marquez
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If you don't like  the "1" you may as well get rid of the entire db_1=20
I have actually adopted this nomenclature for new Oracle 9i servers I am

setting up and install 9i into two homes ...product/9.2.0/db1 and db2. I

can then upgrade each home separately and migrate databases to the=20
upgrade one by one. I just need to make sure I migrate all to the=20
"higher" home before I need to install a new patchset (or else add a 3rd


Manmohan Jalsingh wrote:

> Is there any purpose for the number '1' added to "db" in the=3D20=20
> ORACLE_HOME e.g. /usr3/apl/oracle/product/10.1.0/db_1. If we=3D20 =

> use "db", do you think it will have anylimitations in future.


Wolfgang Breitling
Centrex Consulting Corporation

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