Re: 10.2 locations for Admin and Oradata directories

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Actually, your preference is the OFA standard (pre-10g).  Datafiles are not 
under ORACLE_BASE.  I personally think it's blasphemous to change this.  I 
presumed that Mladen was being sarcastic (what are the odds), and continued in 
that stream.

Years ago, the OFA paper was the first time I had ever heard of Cary Millsap, 
and I remember thinking "Look, someone's thought through all the implications 
of their recommendations.  How rare!"  I'm not sure if the implications of the 
10g recommendations have been as thoroughly thought through.

  Tongue-in-cheek detected.

  But with all reverence and respect for Mr. Millsap (and Mr. Holt, I have two 
copies of The Book), I still don't care for OFA's placement of data in the same 
directory tree as the Oracle software.  I don't like the risk to removing live 
datafiles while maintaining the software inventory.  We typically have separate 
mount points for the Oracle DB files.

  AFAICR, I'm the only one on this list that has voiced this blasphemous 
opinion, so it's very possible that I'm off base here.  Thoughts, anyone?


  Disclaimer:  I'm an idiot.  The difference between me and other idiots is 
that I know I'm an idiot.
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    Good point.  It's clear that Mr. Millsap was misguided when he wrote those 
OFA papers.  I'll bet that Oracle 11x will trumpet the superiority of Method C 
over Method R.


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