Re: 10.2 locations for Admin and Oradata directories

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  • Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 13:01:48 -0400

Well, I'll sign-up as a semi-idiot ...

I loved the OFA paper - it was one of the earliest items I came across
that stressed consistency in file systems for the database.  I prefer
to see every system in a shop set up in a similar fashion, and I'll
put quite a bit of effort into moving stuff around to achieve it.  If
there's a good reason for a specific convention, fine, just please
follow it consistently and document it somewhere.

That being said, if I get to choose the convention, datafiles and log
files are not stored on the same mount point as the executables.  Why
risk an overgrown file (log or data) filling up a mount point and
impacting the system?  I also like to keep datafiles related to a
specific instance on their own series of mount points.  If there is
ever a need to move an instance to a different server or remove it
entirely, I can return the entire mount point back to the sys admins
and they can easily reuse the space.  Keeps them happy which make it
easier to get something out of 'em next time around.   (obviously not
using ASM)

hth ... Robyn

On 10/6/05, Jesse, Rich <Rich.Jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Tongue-in-cheek detected.
> But with all reverence and respect for Mr. Millsap (and Mr. Holt, I have two
> copies of The Book), I still don't care for OFA's placement of data in the
> same directory tree as the Oracle software.  I don't like the risk to
> removing live datafiles while maintaining the software inventory.  We
> typically have separate mount points for the Oracle DB files.
> AFAICR, I'm the only one on this list that has voiced this blasphemous
> opinion, so it's very possible that I'm off base here.  Thoughts, anyone?
> Rich
> Disclaimer:  I'm an idiot.  The difference between me and other idiots is
> that I know I'm an idiot.
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> Good point.  It's clear that Mr. Millsap was misguided when he wrote those
> OFA papers.  I'll bet that Oracle 11x will trumpet the superiority of Method
> C over Method R.
> --Terry
> Sarah, it isn't just under Winduhs, the $ORACLE_BASE/admin was moved under
> $ORACLE_HOME. If you come to think of that, it makes sense. Database is
> always managed by certain version of software and you can have several
> versions under the very same $ORACLE_BASE. Databases that are 10.2 will be
> under 10.2 software tree, those managed by 9.2 will be under 9.2 software
> tree, databases running 5.1.22 and 6.0.36 will be under
> $ORACLE_BASE/Smithsonian software tree.
> --
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