Re: OAS & OID questio

  • From: "Sushil Arige" <sushil.arige@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ora-apps-dba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 11:12:19 -0700

Hi Atul,

Yes, we are trying to switch middle tier associated with OID1 to OID2. We
have OID2 similar install as OID1 but does this needs to be exact replica?

We checked the ports and credentials etc on OID2 and they are all correct.


On 5/17/07, Atul Kumar <atul_iiit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  I am not sure what do you mean by changing OID information as this is
not clear from below explanation -

1. Do you have an Middle Tier1 associated with OID1 and now you wish to
point to OID2
-- For this OID2 should be replica of OID1 (later you can disassociate
OID2 from OID1) or ldap container which holds Middle Tier configuration
(Context -> Products -> iAS -> ....) specific to Middle Tier1 should be
available in OID2.

If you have alraedy this in place (container in new OIID) and you are
simply migrating to new OID server and getting invalid credentials, make
sure new OID is Up and listening on SSL (636) ldap port as it will use SSL
port by default also given in error message.

Mail us if you have any other info or Ask other users at


*Sushil Arige <sushil.arige@xxxxxxxxx >* wrote:

Has anyone seen this error while changing OID information in
Infrastructure tab of OAS?

Error message:
Operation failed to pass validation. Data for the Application Server
instance may not have been migrated to the new Internet Directory server.
Please check Admin Guide for procedures. Error connecting to Oracle Internet
Directory Server specified by <SERVERNAME>:636. Connecting as Application
Server instance specified by
'orclApplicationCommonName=oasinstance1.<SERVERNAME>,cn=IAS Instances,
cn=IAS, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext'. Base Exception :
oracle.ias.repository.schema.SchemaException: Unable to establish secure
connection to Oracle Internet Directory Server ldap://<SERVERNAME>:636/ Base
Exception : javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 -
Invalid Credentials]

We have a distributed configuration with OAS on one machine and OID/SSO on
another machine. The first time adding the OID information was successful
without any issue but now getting the above error when we are trying to
change the OID information to a new server.

Is there any place on OAS server or metadatabase that it stores this
information. Can we directly go and clear that information?

Any tips or help is appreciated.


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