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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 17:05:49 +0300

Hi Naim,

I am sorry for a late replay.
Jose has provided us with an excellent set of references.

Just a few my thoughts to add:
There two main thinks to consider for network sizing between EBS Apps
servers and End users site:
a. Online (day to day) comfortable work with EBS
b. Initial setup time (download of Jinitiator and JAR files).

a.1 Bandwidth
For case a. in general 100 Kb/sec for each simultaneously working user
would be significant for comfortable work. If you would assume that
each single moment only one user from 10 will be active (depends on
modules and organization work culture) then 1Mb/s line will be capable
to ensure comfortable work for 100 users.
Please notice that we are talking about EBS traffic only. Normally
organizations run a lot of different application across the same
physical network (Later on the Boss might came back to you and say
"you know, you recommended 1Mb/sec, but everything is slow now). To be
on safe side you must stress to network architect and any manager
involved "We need to plan 1 MB/sec line for X EBS users + Network
bandwidth necessary for all other application we are planning to use
across this network connection".

a.2 Latency
In some cases even 100Mb/s dedicated for EBS line can make your end
users work like nightmare. This is something that I feel every time
working from home. As only available connection type from place there
I leave (outside from the city) is mobile phone provider network,
latency for 1Mb/s line is 200-400ms. I can feel delays navigating
through the forms windows. Some self service interface elements
respond slowly (like calendar opens within 4-5 sec). I would say for
comfortable work you need to ensure at least 100ms (50ms is
preferable) latency.

b. Initial setup and file downloads.
This type of activity is not happening that often like "a." one.
Initial workstation setup is happening once per Jinit cfg. Files
download is something more common (PDF reports for example).
If we will take the following assumption:
- Jinit setup is 10MB big (oajinit.exe+jars)
- 1 minute is reasonable time for end user to wait for initial download
We came to conclusion that 2Mb/s line is minimum to have in order to
ensure that requirements

Jinit setup is one time task, but letter on end user might download
PDF or other reports (depending on configuration) if we assume that
average report size is 2MB then with 2Mb/sec line he will wait 8 sec
for a report download.

If we will accept all assumption that has been made then we came to
the following conclusion:
- To make our end users work more or less comfortable we need to
ensure 100Kb/s !!!EBS!!! dedicated network bandwidth traffic per each
10 users with maximal network latency 100 ms and minimal physical line
overall bandwidth 2MB/s to any location there from users working with
our EBS environment.

Just my 0.02$

PS I have got a cold in the middle of my vocation this summer ;(. Be
careful with your health.

On 7/19/07, Na'eem <naim.deen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I would like to calculate network bandwidth required to access 11i  through
Around 100 concurrent users acessing 8 to 9 apps modules from different
What is the bandwidth required and how can i go with this sizing .
Post me any templates or benchmarking .

juri ,find time to share your experience on this and inviting others also to
participate and share .
hope "Oracle is not a magic" guy to share his comments on this :)


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