Re: Installing and cloning Oracle Database 10g Release 2 in Windows 2003 server

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You can clone an existing RDBMS on any certified platform

See the following notes for assistance the only difference is that instead of 
runInstaller, you use setup.exe in one  of the steps

How To Clone An Existing RDBMS Installation Using EMGC [ID 549268.1]
Cloning An Existing Oracle10g Release 2 (10.2.0.x) RDBMS Installation Using OUI 
[ID 559304.1]
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  You cannot clone the oracle software binaries on windows like unix, rather 
have a fresh installation of oracle software and refresh the database with the 
backup of your previous database.  

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    Adding on to the previous post,the application is not E-business suite and 
we use a java based application as front end and the datbase runs in 10G,so 
this refresh is for the database alone.

    pls provide your thougts at the earliest.

    with regards

    On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 12:39 PM, vijay gopi <gopvijay@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


      We are planning to install oracle 10g Release2( on windows 
2003 Advanced server,and we are planning to clone the exisiting oracle binaries 
from server windows XP Professional with SP2,32 bit edition and use the same in 
windows 2003 Advanced server.can anyone please post a document on the Database 
clone side methodology or step by step instruction guide or note id.

      Please let us know whether any specific issues during 10G clone(similar 
to building repository or any known issues) which needs to be looked in.

      with regards

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