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I see that that would be frustrating. The systems, as you know have different 
techniques, SCHEIMFLUG vs PLACIDO RINGS. Also different computations of variety 
of areas to arrive at their results. BUT that is why we use all of them 
sometimes. AND I wouldn't want to hear the sales team say "our measurements are 
an EXACT match or the same as our competitors."
Good luck with your surgeon.
As a side note the corneal thickness measured with PACMATE, CIRRUS and PENTACAM 
are not the exact same either.

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I have one doctor that performs all three test for K's and the k's do not match 
from the three instruments.  After repeat telling him that they are not going 
to match exactly he states that each instrument should have a daily calibration 
check.  He states the IOL master has a calibration check and the others also 
have checks.



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My manual states the calibration is done at the factory. The data is stored on 
a disc that would have been with the unit when delivered. I don't find any 
detailed info about calibration or confirming or verification.
I'm curious as to why you're asking.

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Do anyone know of a calibration check for the TMS and Pentacam like there is 
for the IOLMaster?



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