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My dad, an electrical engineer for IBM, would never let us turn our TV's
and computers off.  He said the start up and power down mechanism of
most instruments would in the long run, be more detrimental for their
health than just leaving them on...


Then again, I'm old enough to remember vacuum tube TV's....haha


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ALL my fundus cameras over the years have been turned on when I get to
work and turned off when I leave.


I would have a worry about a unit being turned on and off all through
the day, couldn't be good for the innards, not to mention delays if you
are asked to quickly do some photography.


If they don't like the noise, close the door.


My 2ccs worth.


Anton Drew


South Australia


On 11/07/2012, at 12:37 AM, Tom Steele wrote:



One of the photographers has begun turning off the 50ex after every
study to avoid the sound of the camera in their office. I don't think it
really matters if you leave the camera on all day or turn it off and on
multi times.


Perhaps someone has information which would enlighten an old dog
photographer like me.




Thank You,


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