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I'll actually take both. I typically am not a fan of electric cars, but I'd love to have a Tesla. Very fast and sweet looking. I just don't wanna pay for it. (I speaks English goodly - don't forget adverbs have typically have the "ly" at the end. >:-).


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If you have $100K for a Tesla, what's another $20K for a windmill?

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I swear I'm not trying to be a jerk or a smart aleck but I couldn't help but laugh when I read about the Tesla not using any fossil fuels. Unless you guys plug it into a freestanding solar or wind farm that is completely off the electricity grid,  you all are using fossil fuels to charge the battery, :-).

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Hi Optimal Folks,


As a vendor, we appreciate being allowed to observe and we are careful to post infrequently and only when it seems warranted.  We think posting at this time seems appropriate- to update the community in the exciting changes taking place at OIS.


In August of 2011, Merge Healthcare (MRGE) fully acquired OIS,  along with the OIS subsidiaries Abraxas Medical, OIS Global (Israel) and OIS Europe (Belgium). 


Merge Healthcare is a leading provider of enterprise imaging and interoperability solutions.  Merge solutions facilitate the sharing of images to improve the electronic healthcare experience.  Merge provides solutions for radiology, cardiology, orthopaedics, eye care, clinical trials, financial and pre-surgical management; electronic health record and practice management solutions; applications that fuel the largest modality vendors in the world, and a network of patient-centric, wellness stations.

Some of the vendors in the ophthalmic space use DICOM development toolkits provided by Merge. 


While there have been many changes, like all the orange, many things have stayed the same. The majority of eye care solutions team, including sales, product, support, field service, (yes Mick Clark and Andy May and the rest of the team) and project management became employees of Merge Healthcare.  Together, we continue to work hard in the delivery of the service and products we have been known for over the 28 years that OIS has been in this industry. While we have decided to discontinue the handheld Eye Scan unit, our WinStation image capture product, now known by the name Merge Eye Station continues, and we have launched a new model at this past AAO.    Our Symphony Web product is now called Merge Eye Care PACS Viewer.  The branding transition will continue to other areas of the product as we have normal scheduled software releases; and new features are on the horizon for all the product lines that are quite exciting. 


We look forward to continuing to serve this community, wearing  orange ties, displaying an orange Tesla in our booth at AAO, and most especially  with an invigorated innovative approach that challenges competitors, and serves the Eye Care Community.  Why the Tesla by the way? Good question-  At Merge, we believe there is no problem the Healthcare community faces, that cannot be solved when the right minds, converge, with innovation, and a drive to make it happen.  The Tesla represents that spirit, accelerating from 0-60 in under 4 seconds, with a top speed of over 100mph, while not using any fossil fuels.


If you arrive at AAO early enough, you might catch us driving it through the exhibit hall before all the freight arrives.  (Ok, not really)


Finally, I want to answer the question that prompted the note-  We do offer the FAF solution, in its second generation, as we did before. 


Thanks for the forum and opportunity to update you all.



Warm Regards,

Bradley Yates

Director Solutions Management- Eye Care Imaging

Merge Healthcare

200 E. Randolph Street

Chicago, IL  60601


P: 817.312.7245

E: brad.yates@xxxxxxxxx


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