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We installed Symphony Web in April and are still experiencing issues, partly
with the merging of our Willow system and partly other issues.  You can
contact me directly off list if you have specific questions about our OIS


Debbie Watson, BS, COA, CRA, OCT-C

Director of Clinical Services

Southern Vitreoretinal Associates, P.L.

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I guess most of knew about Merge and the changing in staff.  What is a
little disconcerning is that you ordered Symphony over two months ago and
still don't have it!  For those of us sitting on the fringes of picking a
software, that doesn't bode well.   Anyone else out there want to speak of
their experiences?


Denice Barsness, CRA, COMT, ROUB, CDOS, FOPS

Ophthalmic Diagnostic Center

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Did anyone else get the nice surprise that OIS no longer exists and is now
Merge Healthcare. We had bought Symphony about two months ago and were
awaiting installation and never herd back from OIS. To my surprise when I
called and Merge was the name that answered. I called and asked to speak to
our sales rep and he is no longer with the company. LOL I guess I have to
wait and see when and where my 10 grand is. Image removed by sender. :-w


G. Ray Gardner, CRA, OCT-C, CDOS, COA, OSA

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