[optimal] Escalon Axis and OIS Symphony Web

  • From: "Scott Smith" <Scott@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <optimal@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 14:47:09 -0500

I am a seasoned Symphony Web user and would like to way in my experience
with the software and how we use it.


We are a large volume Retina practice that covers a fairly large
geographic area based in WV. Some of our locations are quite rural
(read- less than optimum bandwidth AT TIMES) We image over 500 patients
a week. We have been using Symphony Web on a full spectrum basis since
August with 6 photographers and soon 6 doctors. And, in a single office
for quite sometime before that.


We have a unique server configuration due to the geographic nature of
our practice. We've deployed a central database server at our main
office with 4 image servers located at the most populated locations.
This was done to facilitate rapid transfer speeds in moving the local
images at full resolution. We use gigabit network switches; though we
don't need them for this efficient application.


We have approximately 80 OIS/Symphony review stations throughout the
practice including each of the doctor's homes; Symphony could be added
to any other PC that is web connected.   On OIS Symphony Web transfer
speeds between any location are very rapid. Initial login the first
thing in the morning, takes less than a minute, which is very nice.
Subsequent uses the wait for login/launch is negligible.  The software
is very easy to learn.


I've found technical support to be very responsive with very few
occasions for assistance. It always helps if you can call early in the
morning. If not they are quite good at calling you back if they aren't
available to help you immediately.


I've found Symphony Web and OIS to be very adaptable (Scalable) in
changing with our infrastructure as it evolves.  The level of
customization per user is also quite extensive.  Finally, while we don't
use the advanced features on every patient, these functions (that OIS
has in its core WinStation software) like Montage and perfectview  are
available in the Symphony Web.  Just displaying an image is fairly
routine, but the ability to perform things like montage in the Symphony
Web is for us, important.  


I highly recommend this software and have no financial interest in OIS.



Scott Smith, CRA, Sr Photographer, IT Assistant

Retina Consultants, PLLC

P.O. Box 3970

Charleston, WV 25339

304-346-4400 x133



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