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We have completely gone away from using clamp on armrests in favor of using 
foam wedges. We get the foam from a likely source, it is the foam blocks that 
ships in the lucentis boxes. We use an electric carving knife and cut one block 
into a wedge shape that will sit securely on the table and allows you to place 
the patients arm in many more comfortable positions that the bolt on type. 
Hope this helps.
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Oak Tree and Die.  Just sent you a business card. About 250.00 for arm rest 
with attached light.  Can clamp to a table.  I have mine permanently mounted, 
one on each side.


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It has been awhile since I saw any messages regarding armrests that can be 
attached to the table of the fundus camera for FA.


I tried to look through the archives but could not find anything. I'm in the 
need to purchase an armrest for my Canon camera. The camera table is only just 
large enough to hold the camera so there is no place for an arm to be propped 
up with a foam pillow or the like. I will need something that can clamp on to 
the table. Preferable something that can detach quickly and moved to the other 


Anyone out there that can recommend a supplier?







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