[openyourmind] the results of our skype meeting!

  • From: ANNA-MARIA FOSKOLOU <firefly.tinos@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 03:15:10 +0300

the fact is that this meeting was creative,because we had the time to explore the block and find more and more options about adding a post and how to make the categories that we want.
tonight wasAlejandro from Spain and the greek team!
well, first of all each country must deside which one will be responsible for posting and feel able to publish it!!
to post is not difficult, as you had made your acount and you had loged in.
First step is to take alook at the links that appear in front of you
then you have to find at the start of the page the link my blog
when you visit this it comes afterwards a list of link to manage the posts and the categories to post a new article the only thing is to go to the link add new,after this you write the title,the text and the tags that will help our visitors to find our posted informations the important thing is to add it to the right category so it will appear at the right time on our search results. to make this to work you have to be in mind that the categories work as a familly,the main category is the parent and your post will be the child,so everytime you should choose the right parent. if you want to make new parent category you will let the option none on the combo box that you findunder the edit box of the name of your category.otherwise you have to open the combo box and choose which category will be the parent of your new sub category. do not worry,is very easy,just give a few time to explore it,then press the add new button and your category is on air!!

after then you can view and edit your post,do not worry if you make a mistake every post and each category can very easilly change as many times we want. the most of parents are on publish such as Europe which contains our countries,the technology,the transpots and we will add more and more! it is up tous to find as more informations we can and as we posting we can add more categories! about the searching item,we discuss about the searching way and how we could not have a problem on when for example someone will search for restaurant in Italy ,to not appear all the posts for every country,so a proposal is a the name of the category to refer in which country we find these restaurants,so the child category will be restaurant in Italy as a child category of Italy parent category,or museums in Spain as a child of the Spain parent categoryis an easy way ,which can protect us from the confusing total of all post of the blog which are on the same theme. hope to help you a little,just to take a breath of what is all about,and my try on explaining you ,it did not make them more confusing!!
when you give some time to our blog,you will see that is easy too....
I believe that we are ready to start guthering informations for our country,and our next meeting will be the final for our first steps!! let me know your thought and your opinion aout these,and please give me a schedule for this week when we could guthe on skype ,we will need at least one from each country,to discuss and take the last decissions before start posting,we need each of you bacause everycountry is important and I am very happy that this blog will give the chance to so many countries to work together and have a nice helpfull and,usefull material for blind or partially sighted travelers!!! I wishto all of you to have anice week,and I wait for your time schedule ,so we can organise our next skype meeting and be with us until Friday,because each voice is important and make us to be openminded!!
smile and make the other to feel better and better every day!!
many kisses Anna-Maria



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