[openmoko-users-berlin] Re: Borrowing a Freerunner to possibly future it in a material we shoot this weekend for in Berlin Pro7: Galileo

  • From: elf Pavlik <perpetual-tripper@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Bjoern Wuertz <funartix@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 16:19:59 +0200

Hi Björn,

Great! I have almost gave up on it...

Where could we meet? Today I work from bureau of my friends on Greisfalder str. 
and later will crash on a couch in Neu Koln, but can meet you any other place 
tomorrow. Would also need some intro to how to use it =)

You can reach me over XMPP same as my email or elf-pavlik on irc.freenode.net


Excerpts from Bjoern Wuertz's message of 2011-08-11 15:54:08 +0200:
> Hey Elf,
> I can give you mine for these days.
> Greetings,
> Björn
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> Von: elf Pavlik <perpetual-tripper@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> An: openmoko-users-berlin <openmoko-users-berlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Gesendet: 23:26 Mittwoch, 10.August 2011 
> Betreff: [openmoko-users-berlin] Borrowing a Freerunner to possibly future it 
> in a material we shoot this weekend for in Berlin Pro7: Galileo
> Hello,
> I have a last minute question for you =)
> This weekend (13th - 15th) I help people from tv show called Galileo from 
> Pro7 station to record material on moneyless living. We meet here in Berlin! 
> Myself I definitely stopped using money over 2 years ago and since then 
> strictly don't participate in money exchange, because of that they have 
> invited me to appear in this video material. I try to arrange meeting with 
> Christian Siefkes on Sunday, author of book available on: 
> http://peerconomy.org who works with topic of peer-production and approach to 
> economy with no money (currency in general). If possible I would also like to 
> put some emphasis on open source hardware and use OpenMoko as an example. We 
> may record a scene where I ride on an S-Bahn without ticked and describe 
> alternative approach where instead buying a ticket I make a precise record of 
> my ride and make it publicly available on internet to admit and count my 
> consumption of such service. I would like to use OpenMoko for that and also 
> mention
>  some of other potenti
> al of such device, like contributiong to http://www.mundraub.org etc.
> Would anyone like to make a Freerunner available for me for days 13th - 15th? 
> I don't want to use GSM but only wifi
> Oh would also love to use it to show some places where people can get online 
> with Freifunk!!!
> What do you say? =)
> https://wwelves.org/perpetual-tripper
> https://moneyless-world.info
> https://hackers4peace.net

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