[openmoko-users-berlin] Re: Borrowing a Freerunner to possibly future it in a material we shoot this weekend for in Berlin Pro7: Galileo

  • From: Robert Schuster <thebohemian@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openmoko-users-berlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 01:50:35 +0200

Hi Elf,
first and foremost: Although I started this mailing list I cannot help
you with the actual issue at hand because I live in Strasbourg these days.

It sounds very interesting what you describe and the way you manage your
life. What do people like you of bitcoin? You've heard about that?


Am 10.08.2011 23:26, schrieb elf Pavlik:
> Hello,
> I have a last minute question for you =)
> This weekend (13th - 15th) I help people from tv show called Galileo from 
> Pro7 station to record material on moneyless living. We meet here in Berlin! 
> Myself I definitely stopped using money over 2 years ago and since then 
> strictly don't participate in money exchange, because of that they have 
> invited me to appear in this video material. I try to arrange meeting with 
> Christian Siefkes on Sunday, author of book available on: 
> http://peerconomy.org who works with topic of peer-production and approach to 
> economy with no money (currency in general). If possible I would also like to 
> put some emphasis on open source hardware and use OpenMoko as an example. We 
> may record a scene where I ride on an S-Bahn without ticked and describe 
> alternative approach where instead buying a ticket I make a precise record of 
> my ride and make it publicly available on internet to admit and count my 
> consumption of such service. I would like to use OpenMoko for that and also 
> mention some of other poten
>  al of such device, like contributiong to http://www.mundraub.org etc.
> Would anyone like to make a Freerunner available for me for days 13th - 15th? 
> I don't want to use GSM but only wifi
> Oh would also love to use it to show some places where people can get online 
> with Freifunk!!!
> What do you say? =)
> https://wwelves.org/perpetual-tripper
> https://moneyless-world.info
> https://hackers4peace.net

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