[opendtv] Re: wm trials at different telcos using wm series

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  • Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 22:04:55 -0400

That pretty much matches what I saw/heard at NAB too. They
cost too much and don't work too well (encoders and decoders)
My reply to this same discussion on another m/l was:
The only demos I've seen were live encoders (HD) showing
VC1 and AVC side by side at the same bit rate. To my eyes, the
AVC encoders looked a little better, but they were certainly
in the same league. Both seemed to be approaching twice the
performance of MPEG-2.

I've never seen any other claim that VC1 was twice as efficient as
AVC. Maybe you could make that claim against MPEG-4 part 2 video
(I'm beginning to wish AVC was MPEG-something-other-than-4), but
I'd be sceptical about that too.

As to why there are few if any live deployments of VC1 or AVC in
telcos... no one is shipping set tops in quantity yet and current
unit prices are on the high side. The cable world is not hurting
for bandwidth enough to make the transition; the telco guys will
likely make the leap first (although they are also facing sticker
shock for set tops and real time encoders).

Gary Hughes
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Broadbus Technologies, Inc.
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A certain US standards group ran a "golden eye" test between H.264
and VC-1 last year. They tested at HD, SD and sub-SD resolutions.
In all the video sequences tested, H.264 was either equivalent to VC-1
or slightly better than VC-1.
However, my spies at NAB have told me that /all/ of the current H.264
silicon decoders are buggy. Whichever codec you chose, you should
start evaluating decoder silicon ASAP.


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