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  • Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 08:03:58 -0500

At 10:39 PM -0800 11/24/08, John Willkie wrote:

A very interesting piece.

I believe the real problem is the notion of programming "channels," no matter the way they are delivered.

Viewers, expecially younger viewers, do not think in terms of networks or channels. They think in terms of content - the shows that they will commit to watching on a regular basis.

I have seem my daughter and boyfriend become converts. When they moved into the house I am remodeling for them in June they had no TV. They quickly added a cable modem, but NO CABLE, and started watching TV on their computers.

Now that the house is almost finished they have installed their 61" Big screen TV and have added HD cable. But they are still watching many of their favorite programs on their computers, on demand.

Netowrks do not stand a chance in a world where people are only loyal to the content. Too many hours to program with little expectation of profits...


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