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1080p60 is not an ATSC transmission format using MPEG 2, but could easily be accommodated in the future using the AVC codec. (But probably won't due to the incompatibility with existing receivers.)

Ditto with Blu-Ray or other sources (DBS or cable for instance.) They can easily accommodate 1080p60 in the future using an advanced codec. 1080p60 native in a display leaves room for future growth.

From your own link, current Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are at best 1080p24, with convoluted means of synthesizing 1080p60:

"Another example of 1080p processing, is the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray Disc Player - what is does is even more complicated. This Blu-ray player reads the 1080p/24 signal off the disc, then it actually reinterlaces the signal to 1080i, and then deinterlaces its own internally made 1080i signal in order to create a 1080p/60 signal for output to a 1080p input capable television. However, if it detects that the HDTV cannot input a 1080p signal, the Samsung BD-P1000 just takes its own internally created 1080i signal and passes that signal through to the HDTV, letting the HDTV do the final deinterlacing step. "


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What I mean is... "1080p/60 is essentially the same frame repeated twice every 30th of a second. (enhanced video frame rate)."


I don't see 1080p60 in your list below, so my question is does it exist only in HDTV sets as an upconversion capability, and as an HDMI output format in Blu Ray players? But NOT as a transmission format?

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