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  • From: Albert Manfredi <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 17:08:58 -0500

Craig Birkmaier wrote:
> As long as TV stations can make more money producing
> newscasts than it costs, it is likely that they will
> continue to offer local news. And if the new FCC
> demands that stations "bulk up" in terms of localism,
> it is likely that they might continue to offer news as
> a "loss leader."
> But this cannot be sustained if other revenue sources
> disappear - like their network affiliation.
Of course. And in the current economic climate, where the BS mantra of years 
past is starting be be recognized for what it was, I am doubting that the FCC 
and Congress will stick with the "localism" "motherhood." I think pragmatism 
will be the name of the game here, for more than just TV.
The other point is, what you call "network affiliation" to me means little more 
than "access to the content of a conglomerate." So I continue not to understand 
your point about networks becoming obsolete.
Would it help if the ABC network, for instance, were to rename itself as "The 
Disney Vault Streaming Channel"? Maybe DVSC for short? And the abc.com web 
site, with its full run episodes on demand, the "Disney Vault On Demand 
Channel"? That's exactly how I view the OTA and Internet pipes. And my PVR is 
the box that offers a sampling of content from all these conglom streaming 
channels, for on-demand viewing.
> And then there is the dilemma the NAB faces, now that
> Fox has been outbid for the BCS championship series by
But isn't ESPN owned by Disney? If yes, then how much do you want to bet that 
we'll see some creative way for those college games to find themselves on OTA 
TV? At least some of them? Just as ESPN sports show up on OTA Saturday 
Speaking of which, we too can get 24/7 sports coverage now, on subchannel 
NBC4-3. It's called US, as I think Tom mentioned previously. I just 
discrievered that this week, although it's probably been available for some 
time. (And who knows why NBC doesn't advertize its existence on NBC4-1, for 
So our OTA medium has been evolving into something pretty darned good, I must 
say. Even get 24 hour sports and news coverage now. Not exactly your father's 
OTA TV, is it.
The DTT transition could just end up attracting more OTA viewers than we had 
before. As it did in Germany, I think? Especially when people discover that in 
many cases, they can now receive "perfect" OTA TV without having to go to the 
athletic extremes of installing outdoor antennas, just to get a reasonably 
ghost-free image.
On another topic, can you please describe your microbrew? For instance, is it 
sort of an amber ale type of brew? If so, you may have another out-of-state 
customer here.
Happy Thanksgiving y'all.
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