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At 1:26 PM -0500 11/25/08, Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

This I don't understand.

Not surprising...


The problem is that people have no loyalty to channels or networks - they only care about the content they want to watch, and rightly so. The days when Happy Days could anchor an entire night for ABC are long over. Folks do not sit down for an evening of TV viewing and watch the same network for several hours anymore. In fact, they do not arrange their schedules to watch their favorite shows when they are broadcast anymore. You certainly understand this, using time shifting devices for many years

Networks are the source of most of the "good"
content. I'm not talking about You Tube funny stuff, but real story

The problem is that it is terribly expensive to program a channel 24/7 with GOOD STUFF. The networks are looking at following Fox and reducing the number of hours of prime time programming each week. It is likely that the networks will move toward more access points for their shows to fill out all these hours, as the cable networks have been doing for two decades.

 I think a lot of this hand wringing about where the networks are going
is overdone. The networks, i.e. the congloms, will go on creating
content. The distribution media will no doubt change over time. But I
don't see the trend being more walled gardens. If anything, Internet,
which is as unwalled as you can be.

Exactly. And once you get past the notion that you need a walled garden to succeed in the distribution business, then the role of the networks is significantly diminished. This creates the opportunity for independent producers to go direct to the consumer.

So there is a silver lining in this cloud!


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