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------------------------------ Subject: [opendtv] Re: DVB Receiver Standard
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 17:45:37 -0500 From: "Manfredi, Albert E"
<albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>[1] Dale Kelly wrote: It reads more like a
combination of A/53 and A/74. It describes the standard as well as give
performance goals. Interestingly, the terrestrial receiver requirements are
not all that stringent. I obviously failed to make my point; which is that
the DVB standard protects those who purchase a receiver labeled as such,
verses the ATSC non standard, that basically says: "buyer beware". However,
the new information from Terry Smith may indicate that the DVB possibly does
note enforce its labeling policy other than by listing which product on the
market are unregistered. And that was interesting info from Terry. But I
didn't miss your point, I simply moved beyond it, to see whether Nordig in
fact did anything to "guarantee" good reception any more than A/74 does.

I just wanted to explain that the Nordig is not connected to the DVB
Nordig is some nordic operators that define specifications for a STB to be
compatible with their
network, EPG and content protection etc. I don't think the cheap freeview
boxes meet Nordig and
the don't have to. The are still DVT-T but can put the nordig logo on the
box, no consumer know
what nordig is anyway.


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