[opendtv] Re: news: F.C.C. to Open Radio Spectrum

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Besides propagation, it turns out that lo-VHF is riddled with problems due to "sky noise" limitations. Yes, galactic noise is one of the components in addition to man made. It turns out that the FCC 'assumptions' do not hold up in the real world. Yes, lo-VHF is good for distance...needs a large antenna aperture, but boy does it carry!

But...figure in the real world noise factors and when compared to the FCC planning factors, you end up being up to 16 dB (at channel 2) short on the numbers!!!

On 11/6/2008 4:38 PM, Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
Craig Birkmaier wrote:

And to answer your question about the white spaces versus
alternatives in other spectrum bands...

Propagation characteristics

Yes, this has some merit. The other side of that coin is that interest,
for example, in the low VHF bands never did materialize. Remember when
they wanted to move all DTT to the high VHF and UHF band originally, but
gave up on that idea?

The better propagation comes at the expense of bigger antennas. Not all
that well suited to portables.

What's most attractive to these folks is to have a new swath of
unlicensed spectrum. That's easy to understand. The CE vendors involved
would most likely benefit not just from the new unlicensed spectrum, but
also from having everyone locked into TV walled gardens.

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