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  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 09:38:04 -0500

At 6:04 PM -0500 12/23/08, Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
Apples and oranges. You're talking about either cell phones or WiFi
devices, both of which are totally dependent on an underlying wired
network. The RF leg of the journey is very short.

No I am talking about modern day user expectations.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if you want to talk sense, compare OTA with
satellite. Satellite also depends on the antenna for the heavy lifting,
and its subscribers (note: umbillical) almost always request
professional help to make it work.

Satellite is typically installed by a professional, and once installed you can forget about it. I agree that cable and DBS have an advantage in that they have revenue streams to support the customer service/installation organizations.

I would also caution that the consumer considers the extra expense of an umbilical service to be justified based on the additional content and services they receive relative to Free OTA TV. If a consumer is faced with the decision:

"Do I spend the money on a professional antenna installation to get a handful of channels for free, or spend a bit more for a multi-channel service?"

The vast majority have chosen the multi-channel service.

And the broadcasters have no problem with this as they gain another "paying" viewer.

Satellite requires much more careful aim than OTA, and it is far less
tolerant of any ghost.

It either works or it does not. For the vast majority of subscribers it just works.

I would also note that the technology exists to receive OTA TV WITHOUT the need for outdoor antennas in MOST cases. The broadcasters simply chose a legacy approach that places more complexity in the receiving system, less complexity in the transmission infrastructure.

The very FACT that an M/H standard has been developed is both recognition and admission that the existing 8-VSB modulation system is inadequate for many applications.

But we've been here before too...

 You are forgetting one very important factor here Bert.

 Retransmission consent. Broadcasters would much prefer for
 consumers to move to cable or DBS.

We have been down this path before.

I am addressing the requirements for obtaining OTA reception. At least
so far, the FCC is still supporting FOTA TV in the US, and it will
likely continue to do so as long as OTA is seen by the govt folk as
something for the "disadvantaged."

We all agree that reception is possible with varying levels of effort on the part of the consumer. You simply choose to ignore the reality that using an antenna to receive OTA TV is generally viewed as "quaint and outdated."

So, whatever you claim the broadcasters would prefer, I'm addressing OTA

I would prefer you send me a monthly stipend too, Craig. Make it a new
year's resolution!

Sorry, but I have no need for your product, even on a subscription basis...



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