[opendtv] YouTube Tries to Become More Like TV

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YouTube Tries to Become More Like TV

DECEMBER 6, 2012

At the end of the day, many of us flop on the couch and turn on the 
TV to channel surf. But if YouTube has its way, more of us will be 
channel surfing the online video service instead.

A majority of YouTube visits happen because someone clicks on a link 
from a friend or searches for a certain video. YouTube is trying to 
encourage casual users to use it more like diehards, who return every 
day or when they have a few minutes, to check in on their favorite 
channels. (Channels on YouTube are series of videos by the same 
creator, whether your sister posting baby videos, a YouTube celebrity 
or a professional producer like ESPN or PBS.)

YouTube's effort to get casual users to become more dedicated is 
critical as people increasingly use YouTube on mobile phones or 
televisions; it is more difficult to browse YouTube for interesting 
videos on those devices.

On Thursday, YouTube began rolling out a redesigned Web site that it 
hopes will nudge people to subscribe to channels and return daily. 
With the redesign, every time you visit YouTube on any device, you 
will see the latest videos from the channels to which you subscribe.



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