[opendtv] Wireless Developers Plan to Meld Bluetooth

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      Wireless Developers Plan to Meld Bluetooth
      - May 4, 2005 12:34 AM (AP Online)

By BRUCE MEYERSON AP Business Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Wireless developers plan to work together to meld 
Bluetooth, the short-range technology that links cell phones and 
cordless headsets, with an emerging technology designed to beam video 
and other large content short distances between TVs, home 
entertainment systems and computers.

The plan, announced Wednesday, comes at a crucial time for Bluetooth. 
After years of hype, the technology is finally becoming a mainstream 
feature on mobile devices, only to be met with predictions it may 
soon be supplanted by other technologies and disappear.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a 3,400-member group whose 
backers include Nokia Corp., Motorola Corp. and Intel Corp., said it 
has begun working with two industry bodies developing rival versions 
of the technology commonly referred to as ultra-wideband, or UWB.

The discussions with the WiMedia Alliance and the UWB Forum are very 
preliminary, so it is unclear whether the collaboration will produce 
an integrated platform combining Bluetooth with UWB. There are also 
issues such as UWB regulatory approvals and signal interference with 
other wireless technologies that need resolution.


      - http://finance.lycos.com/home/news/story.asp?story=48865887

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