[opendtv] Re: Will Digital Passthru Effect Digital Tier Subscription?

  • From: Tom Barry <trbarry@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 20:32:10 -0400

How do you mean the digital tier? Usually that costs extra money and may include a lot of encrypted channels. OTOH the broadcast stations could also be sent digitally but unencrypted so at least digital QAM ready TV's and equipment could get them without either extra fees or cable cards. (once you get the TV)

- Tom

dan.grimes@xxxxxxxx wrote:
The NCTA is saying that the only viable option for most cable
operators will be to carry both an analog and the digital broadcast,
effectively tying up nearly 12 MHz of capacity on their systems. The
other option is to carry just the digital signals and let consumers
decide if they want to bother with a STB to watch the broadcast
signals. - Craig

I would like to see broadcast signals bumped to the digital tier and taken off the analog tier for a selfish reason: our programming (EDU-TV and UNLV-TV) was already taken off the analog tier on Cox Cable and put to the digital tier. While we probably don't have the type of programming that would convince a large group of subscribers to go to the digital tier to continue to receive it, perhaps if the major broadcasters were to go to the digital tier only, they would help pull more people to the digital tier and, thus, provide more potential customers to our programming. And perhaps this is true for other digital tier-only networks. Of course, it sounds like people are consuming broadcast programming much less these days (based on recent discussion), so perhaps not. So could broadcast channels being on only the digital tier move everyone from analog to digital? Will it effect digital tier subscription to the point that the cable operators could remove the analog?

Dan Grimes

Tom Barry                  trbarry@xxxxxxxxxxx  

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