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  • From: Jeroen Stessen <jeroen.stessen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 13:48:35 +0100

See: http://promise.tv/

This is now feasible in a country (the UK) with only 12 DTV channels. 

See also: http://neasia.nikkeibp.com/neasia/003039

-- Jeroen

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A revolution in the way we watch television
Promise.tv takes advantage of digital television technology to 
automatically record a full seven day's broadcasting across all selected 
TV channels. This wholesale recording means it is no longer necessary to 
choose programmes to watch in advance. All programmes transmitted over the 
last seven days are stored for viewing at any time. 
This represents a quantum leap in technology over existing video recorders 
or PVRs. Promise.tv is not a PVR. It doesn't need any setup, configuration 
or pre-programming. It starts recording programmes as soon as it is 
plugged in, building up to a full seven days of every selected channel. 
After this time, the newest programmes automatically record over the 
oldest ones, keeping seven days of programmes available at all times. 
The promise.tv serendipity factor
Promise.tv wholesale recording introduces serendipity into time-shifted 
televiewing. Previously, there was no possibility of the chancing across 
programmes, as they had to be selected for recording ahead of 
transmission. Promise.tv encourages programme skimming, where the viewer 
can browse through all of the recorded programmes looking for something 
which catches the eye. Promise.tv provides the 'lucky dip' approach to 
seven days of viewing. 

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