[opendtv] Re: What is the Value of Media If I Can't Watch It?

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Have you ever heard of VOD?  [i.e. Video-on-Demand] The technology
provides exactly what you want when you want it. You don't have to
record anything to get that convenience. 



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If the MPAA or the MVPD or even an OTA broadcaster won't allow the
recording of their media so one can enjoying it at their convenience,
what is the value of it to the average consumer? To me, practically to
nothing. If I can't watch the show because it only comes on at a certain
time, then most likely I cannot watch it. 

Especially if it involves a series of programs. I'm not going to get
into a series if I cannot watch all of them. If I can record it, I know
I get to see the whole series. This just makes another reason to consume
media via download (VOD), blockbuster.com, netflix, etc. I recently
enjoyed HBO's series on John Adams through Blockbuster.com. My wife and
I were able to watch each episode in order and in the time we were able
to watch it. We could even stop it in the middle of an episode for
whatever reason. I think that most people are coming to a point where
they expect this kind of convenience. Otherwise, forget it. 

And if I buy a DVD and it won't play in my computer or some other device
that I expect to watch it in, the value goes down. I'm not likely to buy
a DVD again unless I know I want to watch it on the one device it will
work on. How many is that? Just the one DVD player in the family room?
Forget it. I'm not going to buy 5 devices for each room to play 5 forms
of media. Nor will I buy the media in 5 forms to watch it in my choice
of rooms. 

There are lots of movies I would love to see in the theater (I like the
big screen and big sound) but cannot because they are gone before I can
get to a showing. And the show times are not within my windows of
opportunity. So the theaters lose potential customers just by the nature
of their linear offerings. 

I hope the media producers that want to prevent me from recording it
realize they lose me as a customer. They should be focusing on getting
the media to me so that I can watch it when I want and watch it where
ever I want. But if the producers won't release it that way and will
only allow a narrow opportunity to see it, it won't get seen as much, at
least not by me. They may well have the right to do this, but then they
must not be wanting to maximize the sales. 

The way you get someone to consume your product is allow them to consume
it. If you stop them, they will look to another product. Just my
opinion. But it is their call! 


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