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John Shutt wrote:
Check this even newer data.
Current ice levels in the arctic are higher for this date than any time since 2002.
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Check Arctic ice this site.http://www.arctic.noaa.gov/reportcard/seaice.html

These are good articles with excellent charts reporting the current state of arctic ice and allowing comparisons
back to 2002 in the first and as far back as 1979 in the second...


My position continues to be that nothing short of 1000 years worth of such data is the absolute bare minimum needed to make *any* sort of statement about changes in climatic conditions on earth.
For a more accurate statement, 10,000 years would be a little better.

Given the 4.5 billion year age of the earth, judging changes to it's climate based on the last ~30 years worth of data is like trying to judge what's happening in a pro football game based on the information contained in one frame of video from near the end of the 4th quarter.

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