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Mark A. Aitken posted:

Sun's Shifts May Cause Global Warming

His studies show that natural variations in the sun plays a major role
in global warming. So are humans off the hook? And if so, why does he
use compact fluorescent lightbulbs?

by Marion Long

Most leading climate experts don't agree with Henrik Svensmark, the
49-year-old director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the
Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen.

[ ... ]

In 1996, when you reported that changes in the sun's activity could
explain most or all of the recent rise in Earth's temperature, the
chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel called your
announcement "extremely naive and irresponsible." How did you react?

I was just stunned. I remember being shocked by how many thought what I
was doing was terrible. I couldn't understand it because when you are a
physicist, you are trained that when you find something that cannot be
explained, something that doesn't fit, that is what you are excited
about. If there is a possibility that you might have an explanation,
that is something that everybody thinks is what you should pursue. Here
was exactly the opposite reaction. It was as though people were saying
to me, "This is something that you should not have done." That was very
strange for me, and it has been more or less like that ever since.

[ ... ]

I have to admit, anyone who makes the claim that the sun has no effect
on weather sounds brain-dead to me. At the very least, they should
clarify that absurd comment, saying perhaps that they haven't found
convincing correlations for as long as they have taken measurements, or
words to that effect. In other words, something that has a hope of being

But then again, this sort of obstinate cluelessness is hardly limited to
the topic of climate change. It happens whenever the decision makers are
not scientists, which is almost always the case. So they create their
own religion. They interview, and fund, only the researchers that enjoy
singing their same tune. And they start using the same jargon as those
researchers, even when they have no idea what the words mean.

These are the head nodders. They sit at meetings and nod their heads
when their religion is being spouted. Heaven forbid they should do their
own objective thinking, or research, or give what ought to sound like
absurd statements a simple "smell test."

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