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At 1:55 PM -0800 11/12/08, Dale Kelly wrote:
Yes, I read your postings with great interest. The Blogs have little or no
veracity: their conclusions are not even substantiated by their posted data.

We disagree, but we al;ready knew that.

You simply can not make a valid case regarding climate change or most other
natural phenomena, by cherry picking short term data*, which they do.

Thanks you! Seems that this is exactly what the new religion of environmentalism has been doing for several decades. Have you ever looked at some of the analyses of the claims in Gore's movie? Talk about cherry picking!

the arctic ice has thickened slightly in 2008, relative to 2007 (the lowest
year in recent history), but it remains at a very low level compared to the
charts base line level. How about inspecting your own data before attempting
to build a case.

I was simply using these reports to corroborate the FACT that we are now entering a period of cooling...

By the way, did you see any of the Fox News Palin interview at her home in Alaska - in particular the part where they were riding a snow mobile at about 70 MPH on the bay behind here home?

*see Cliff's recent postings.

Professor Easterbrook's study very graphically documents that warming and
cooling cycle do occur naturally at an almost sinusoidal rate but then his
study is incorrectly used in attempts to invalidate global warming concerns.

In your opinion. I believe his work fully demonstrates the absurdity of the claims made by Gore, the IPCC and NASA.

The irrefutable facts are: in concert with the natural warming and cooling
cycles, the global mean temperature is steadily rising: Each high is warmer
that the previous high and each low is warmer than the previous low and the
past fifty years has seen rapid changes in the mean temperature baseline.

Obviously you have not looked closely at this data. Please look at "chart b" on the second page of the Easterbrook pdf that I posted yesterday. i do agree that the trend line has been up, but even this should be placed in the context of a 1000 year moving window, not a single century or just a few decades.

We have been through a significant cooling period in the last 50 years. In fact the short term data was so "compelling" that the same folks warning us about global warming were warning us about global cooling just a few decades ago.

This rapid temperature increase could at least partially be fueled by human
activities and dozens of scientific agencies/universities and thousands of
scientist's worldwide, believe this to be the case and Mr. Hansen of NASA
cannot have corrupted them all.

When i was a kid i had this wonderful naivety about science and engineering. These were admirable professions since they are driven by the scientific method and the need to apply physics, chemistry, et al to real world problems.

When i participated in the US DTV process, that childhood vision was shattered. I learned that you can buy scientists and engineers quite easily and that you can spin the facts, and the physics to your purpose.

I shall never forget the NHK white papers in support of interlace...


Yes, global climate change "could" be related to human activity. It would be absurd to think otherwise. In my lifetime I have seen the benefits of being a good caretaker of our environment. We have cleaned up the air and rivers, mitigated ground water contamination from those evil refineries, oil depots and gas stations, and enriched the legal profession via the Superfund.

Clearly, climate change is also related to MANY other things that are far easier to substantiate. Funny what happens when politicians with an agenda start throwing money at "scientists" to provide research to support their agendas.


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