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  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 08:13:23 -0500

At 11:47 AM -0800 11/9/08, Dale Kelly wrote:
Craig wrote:
 Can ANYONE cite even one example of harm that has occurred from the
 recent warming over the past decade?

For a start, how about the melting of the arctic ice pack and the
increasingly warming oceans which resulted in the loss of viable wildlife
habitat and a reduced population of many species such as Salmon, Polar
Bears, Orca Whales, Oyster, Coral Reefs. etc, etc.

Nice try, but not true. This is simply the normal cyclic nature of the oceans. And there is no evidence linking the declines in the populations you cite to melting ice. In fact the population of polar Bears has been increasing for nearly three decades.

For what it's worth I've attached two URLs that addresses the ocean warming
issue. However, Craig being an avid "Denier", I await his next round of "new
Science" and it's resulting obfuscation.



The oceans have been cooling dramatically for several years. Again, this is the normal cyclic stuff the Earth's climate has been doing for MUCH longer that we ave been recording this kind of data.

And the oceans the major carbon sync for the planet. Nothng new about the oceans absorbing CO2. Just the normal state of affairs.

 Articles that wring hands about the harm caused by global
 >warming do not by themselves show that we cause it or how we can fix

Generally you first identify a problem and then devise a fix; this seldom
happens simultaneously.

First you have to document real problems and demonstrate - using the scientific method - the causal aspects of that problem. Then you need to come up with meaningful solutions to mitigate the problem.

No problem has been rigorously researched and proven - we are being sold this bill of goods based on computer models that may or may not be valid. There is no solid science linking global climate change with human activity. And there is no science that proves that if we cut back of CO2 emissions we can have a meaningful impact on the climate.

Sorry, but this is the reality.

Politically motivated change CAN be liked to mans' activities, as were just experienced.

I strongly suspect that the efforts to influence science via government sponsored - outcome oriented - research will continue and that the effort to tax energy use by highly developed nations will accelerate...


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