[opendtv] Re: Well, well, well; five years to match 1999 COFDM indoor antenna performance

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 09:52:34 -0400

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> Because that the the native resolution of the display. Providing more
> resolution in a display of this size is a waste of time and money -
> the viewer will not notice the difference at the designed viewing
> distance.

So why bother offering HD at all??

> How about telling them that they will enjoy the highest resolution
> pictures possible with their sets. Almost twice the resolution of

Which is what they're getting now.  So again, why bother with HD at all?

> It is important to note that most of the widescreen sets sold in
> Europe can scan at 100 Hz, thus they can support 576P. As has been
> the case for decades with PAL versus NTSC, 625 lines with improved
> color difference signals, will provide better pictures that 525
> lines. This is true whether we are talking about 625 line SDTV or

I'm not sure how the display's refresh rate relates to it's vertical resolution 
capability, but I believe these sets that *scan* at 100Hz refresh will not 
accept a 100Hz input.  Again though, why bother with HD at all?

> The 30" Color Dynaflat I saw at Sears for about $850:
>  Sears item #05742084000 Mfr. model #TX-P3075WH
> B&H  sells it for $899. The specs claim a maximum of 800 lines
> horizontal resolution:

First of all, this display *will* accept an HD input and *will* scan 1080 
Second, how do you know that spec isn't in TVL?  Regardless, I would MUCH 
have one of these, than be stuck with an ED-only set.

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