[opendtv] Week twelve on the Taste of NAB Road Show

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Hi all:

So far this year, the Taste of NAB Road Show has done thirty-two presentations with over nine hundred eleven in attendance. Coming up is week twelve on the Taste of NAB Road Show takes further north along the Atlantic coast states. This week we have three presentations scheduled:

  1. We start the week in Washington, DC -- Baltimore, MD area on
     Tuesday, July 29th with an evening meeting
     (http://www.tech-notes.tv/2008/34-Wash-Balt.htm) hosted by three
     SBE Chapters 35, 47 and 132. The Washington, DC SMPTE Section has
     also been invited to attend. Then it's on to
  2. Central Pennsylvania in the Hershey/Harrisburg area on Wednesday,
     July 30th for another evening meeting
     (http://www.tech-notes.tv/2008/35-Central_PA.htm) hosted by SBE
     Chapter 41.
  3. We finish off this week on Thursday, July 31st in Lehigh Valley,
     PA for a morning meeting
     (http://www.tech-notes.tv/2008/36-Lehigh_Valley.htm) hosted by SBE
     Chapter 120.

The link will take you to a page that will provide you with time, location and a map.

You'll see some of the latest technology our industry has to offer, get fed and possibly leave having won one of the door prizes. For our other presentations, please visit: www.tech-notes.tv/2008/2008-Itinerary.htm <http://www.tech-notes.tv/2008/2008-Itinerary.htm>.

This is an educational event: NOT a sales presentation. Admission is FREE to all and you don't have to be a member of SBE or anything else to attend. Please plan on no less than two hours for the presentation with additional time for food and door prizes. Just think: if you'd gone to NAB, you'd have lost at least a day going and one returning, not to mention the time you'd spend while there. Hope to see many of you at one or more of these meetings.

Here's hoping we'll see you at one of our presentations between now and when we finish on October 30th in Seattle, WA.



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