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  Hi Cliff

  This all gives me a strange surrealistic feeling, i.e. I am imagining the
broadcasters pumping umpteen Megawatts of TV RF into the ether all over the
US and next to nobody actually using the medium and the broadcasters
encouraging it.
  [Cliff Benham] That's about it. After 10 years of beaming out bits only a
few percent of the population uses the signals or is even aware that they
  While you folks are at it over there you might as well have the railroad
companies invest a whole mess of money in electrification of all trunks to
improve efficiency but don't promote it.
  [Cliff Benham] AMTRAK is on the verge of going out of business. Has been
for years, and is shored up by the gov't.
   On the contrary, why not have the oil companies subsidize the railways to
avoid (by agreement) them actually having passengers, so ensuring that there
will always be more automobiles to consume more gas.
  [Cliff Benham] In the 1930s GM began ridding the country of it's very
efficient electric trollys and replacing them with smelly diesel busses.
Only a very few trollys are left still operating in some major cities. The
new hybrid cars that were the rage a year or two ago are now sitting unsold
on dealer's lots.
  The above may appear a little exaggerated but I think your DTV transition
sounds like something out of a novel that may have the title "Alice in
  [Cliff Benham] It's not exaggerated much at all, in fact it probably is a
fairly conservative vew of what is actually happening here.

  I guess I'll have to wait a year or two to find out if I am in our own
version of "TV Blunderland" here.
  [Cliff Benham] I see it everyday. Depressing.

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