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THE DIGITAL TRANSITION: Making OTA go away all together.

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>Bert wrote:
> I think
>probably Craig is right when he says that it is in the cable compnies'
>and in the broadcasters' best interest to get people addicted to cable.

What this really means is that the Broadcasters, the satellite and the cable
companies want OTA to go away all together.

The broadcasters don't want to spend any more money on the digital equipment
needed to make the transition to temporary channels and then spend more to
the transition to their final channel allocations.

They also want to be assured that cable will pay them for carrying their
analog and digital
channels before the transition and then keep paying them to carry their
channels after the the completion of the transition so they can avoid
all together.

>Mark schubin wrote on 03/06:
>...there is a large number of stations on
>out-of-core assignments (WCBS-DT in New York, for example, is on channel
>56), and there is a large number that will be shifting DTT to their
>analog channel post-transition.  So there is substantial RF work that
>cannot take place until the transition.  The idea of this being a
>problem due to limited crews is not unique to broadcasters.  Harris made
>a big point of it at their pre-NAB press conference last month.

Another problem is the interference to ATSC by existing analog
This will only go away if there are no more analog transmissions.

What easier way to eliminate ALL these problems than by stopping
digital and analog TV OTA altogether? Then cable and satellite will own it

Sounds like the unwritten, unpublicized plan to me.

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