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  • From: Doug McDonald <mcdonald@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 10:36:40 -0600

John Shutt wrote:

> So I maintain that for all practical purposes, the physical channel number 
> does not need to be constantly "promoted." to the general public, and even 
> more so now with the FCC PSIP mandate that requires us to identify our 
> digital station by our analog channel number, unless a waiver is granted.

Unless there is an ironclad FCC requirement that all ATSC
receivers allow multiple scans for digital stations, and
keep all the ones found unless explicitly removed, there
will be a need for knowing the phyiscal digital
station number.

This is because of antennas.

Where I live it is impossible to have one single antenna
get all stations reliably, without a rotor or multiple antennas. So if 
you depend on scans to get stations entered, every time you
go to a new rotor position you need to re-do a scan ...
unless you can add physical channel numbers.

Here is our station list, as I expect it to be a year from now:

Ana   Dig.  dir   strength
3     48    w      vvs
12     9    w      vs
15    41    e      vvs
17    18    w      s
23    22    w      s
27    26    ne     vw
51    50    s      vw
55    44    w      vw

This does not include low power channels that don't do digital.

Now 26 and 44 are the same program, so you can choose
one or the other, except that 44 is 68 miles away
and on rare occasions fades out entirely, in which case
you need 26, which is only 25 miles away but on a low
tower and behind a hill (yes, we have a hill) but is reliable.

You can now get all but 27 on one antenna position (west) ...
but 50 is not on the air yet. When it is on you
will need three antenna positions, west, northeast,
and south.

So John Stutt ... without physical channel numbers, or
an absolute guarantee that a set can do a rescan without
losing channels aready found, how do you get all of
these channels?

Other than asking people, how do you know that you need
only a UHF-only antenna? (9 will be so strong that
you will get it on any UHF antenna, per tests on 12.)

Doug McDonald
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