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Also, you want to remove just the line with the Macrovision signal, which I
think is line 21 (it is with broadcast, but not necessarily with consumer


John Willkie



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dan.grimes@xxxxxxxx wrote: 

Interestingly, my wife gave me a VHS tape for a Christmas present today.
The movie is not available on DVD so she found an old copy from a rental
house.  Same happened with several classic films I've purchased for my wife.


I tried transfering them to my new DVD recorder, but the copy protection on
the VHS is causing it to be unstable, causing it to jitter and roll (if I
remember right, all VHS use a technology from Macromedia to degrade the
sync).  I guess I'll need to bring home a TBC from work (remember those
things?  I still use them at work.)


So maybe VHS isn't completely dead.



In some cases the VHS movies are transferred from better prints than the
later ones on DVD. You can learn about this by looking up a given film on
Amazon and checking the reviews of both versions.
Also any TBC you use must replace the entire VBI to get a decent transfer.

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