[opendtv] Re: U.S. mobile TV spec in the works

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 18:40:15 -0400


Now I understand what you meant by "backwards compatible." Interesting idea, but I guess I don't have enough imagination to envision a scheme other than retransmission of redundant data that could do what you propose.

I mean, if a mobile device could decode the same stream that legacy decoders could, there wouldn't be a need for a more robust coding or modulation scheme. And if the mobile devices couldn't decode the legacy stream, then whatever "enhancements" aimed at mobile devices would be a de facto simulcast of the data, would it not?

It has been my experience that there is a very narrow window where you can recover only some of the 8VSB data that might be improved with redundant data. Usually either you can demod and decode the entire bitstream, or you get nothing. That cliff edge thing. At least that's what I've seen playing around with a portable antenna and a bitstream analyzer. Redundant data is useless if you can't recover the transport stream.

It would seem simpler to me to just have a regular stream aimed at fixed displays, and a robust stream in an enhanced modulation scheme with lower resolution video suitable to portable and mobile devices, simulcast in the same channel.

Remember, E-VSB did little or nothing to deal with dynamic echoes, hence Samsung's A-VSB and their "pseudo-training" sequences.


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Another is where the robust stream is decodable by all receivers, even
if legacy receivers don't benefit from any extra robustness. That is
what I would describe as "backward compatible."

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