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Prinyar Boon wrote:

> There is one area in S. Wales


Digital TV Trials

Digital Switchover Technical Trial

The purpose of the Digital Switchover Technical Trial was to investigate
the technical issues for broadcasters and consumers associated with the
switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television transmission.

The Trial was a partnership between the Government, broadcasters and
digital multiplex operators, working closely with the transmission
contractors, Intellect (representing receiver manufacturers)and Ofcom.

The selected transmitting station was the small relay at Ferryside in
West Wales serving the village of Llansteffan and part of the village of
Ferryside, Carmarthenshire. Following a public consultation with the
community in May 2004, the trial started on 29 November 2004.

After three months of receiving the digital services, the trial
households were asked whether they wished to retain the digital services
only, or revert to the analogue services only. Over 85% of households
responded of whom 99% wished to retain the digital services and the
analogue signals were switched off on 30 March 2005.

All the basic equipment necessary to access digital television
transmissions was provided. Householders installed equipment to receive
digital terrestrial television themselves to simulate the reality of
switchover as realistically as possible. For those elderly people and
people with disabilities who wished it, extra assistance was available,
including installation of their equipment. A helpline number was
provided for all triallists.

The trial enabled an assessment of the technical issues associated with
the switchover process at the transmitter end and in the household.
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