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  • Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 11:53:36 -0400

Prinyar Boon wrote [in cypher which I hope to have decrypted

> There is one area in S. Wales that has been switched
> over to DTV a trial to see what are the practical
> problems on the ground

There is a web site,


that shows the schedule for UK analog switchoff. It doesn't list any
local tests, but it says Wales is scheduled for 2009 ananlog switchoff.

It does allow you check by "postcode," which is what they call zip code
here, so perhaps that particular test region would show up.

In Italy, the DTT program is run by DGTVi. This page


explains that the previous end-of-2006 analog shutoff date for Italy has
been moved to 31 December 2008, "to align itself EU decisions."

However, there were already supposed to be "all digital" parts by now,
but this site


has been morphing for months now, where hard dates have changed and then
been taken away entirely. DTT coverage is expanding, but analog shutoff
is moving to the right. Almost the same as here in the US, except of
course our DTT has existed for more years than in Italy.

One interesting tid-bit is that the govt subsidy for STBs in Italy only
covers interactive STBs -- those which have a modem connection. You can
buy simple STBs, but you get no assistance.

In spite of Bob's constant refrains, I see very little difference
between DTT rollouts in different countries, except of course Germany
which has taken the bull by the horns in a few regions
(Berlin/Brandenburg, Koln/Bonn, Hannover, Frankfurt). Euro DTT offers a
definite program advantage over analog, though, which should give it an
obvious appeal. And Euro DTT seems to be centrally planned in each
country. And even then, uptake is slow in most countries.

Some countries give lip-service to mobile capability, but it's not clear
how much of that has translated to anything other than "try it and see
if it works where you drive."

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