[opendtv] Re: UHF reception

  • From: "Dale Kelly" <dalekelly@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 09:54:36 -0800

Cliff and I raised and agreed upon this issue from the beginning.

I do seem to recall that at some point early in this discussion you stated
that the Broadcast Networks were committed to their valuable and profitable
O&Os and would never do them harm, as I had suggested would happen. That was
long ago and much verbiage has spilled over this dam, so if I now have you
confused with someone else, I apologize.

Sorry to hear about your loss of the column.


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> >I agree with you but there are agendas within agendas.
> >
> >You may recall that a number of years ago, on this forum, I
> suggested that
> >the major broadcast networks were preparing for the demise of OTA
> >broadcasting*...
> >* = At that time Craig was the major detractor of my analysis; what a
> >difference a day makes!
> Hmmmmm...
> Can you save me the trouble of looking back
> through the archives to see where I disagreed
> with your position about the future of OTA
> broadcasting?
> We have often disagreed about one thing or
> another, but I can't remember a time in recent
> history when I was not completely in agreement
> about the move by the conglomerates to devalue
> the OTA franchise and move to paid distribution.

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