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That's not what I recall.  NBC was talking about moving programming on
ancillary channels (not, say 4-1) to cable (not what most people would call
pay) to concentrate on expanded news offerings on their OTA signal.

Perhaps that won't work out as predicted, but it doesn't appear bad to me.

And, I didn't say that ABC had moved sports packages to ESPN; I said
something to the contrary.  But, it does seem to me that Monday Night
Football moving from ABC to ESPN would qualify.  But, that's a two-party
deal, since the NFL permitted it.

Did you see the report that, this season, "reality" (actually, staged,
unscripted) programming is in the tank?  Every show has underperformed over
last year?  That trend seems to be beat.  They'll either have to upgrade to
comeday/drama, or revert to traffic-cams.

John Willkie

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I recall that recently NBC(?) announced a plan to move prime time
programming to pay services and concentrate on local programming at the

And, as you mention, ABC has moved sports packages to there owned ESPN
network. I fear this to be the tip of the iceberg, but only time will tell.

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