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Well, thanks Kon.  I think I -- having written a few offering circulars in
my life -- will start to draft a list of Viacel risk factors, as of 2000.
I'm not so sure, but I think you have outlined about six below.

And, you provide new information that leads me to believe that Viacel was a
first-generation "Nokia captive" in the "alternative mass wireless
transmission/broadcasting space."  

Here's a prelimary peek:

Risk Factors

Risk of being captive to a single vendor and major investor with no
experience in the mass transmission field
Risk of bad vendor selection
Risk of lack of engineering management
Risk of selection of transmission standard not approved by the F.C.C.
Risk of lack of understanding of FCC rules and regulations
Risk of bad management
Risk of inability to attain additional funding
Risk of being unable to win large enough spectrum slices via auction
Risk of being unable to afford to purchase or produce popular programming
Risk of being uninterested in associating with new, innovative vendors
General Technological Risk
Risk of being unable to attract consumer equipment vendors beyond Nokia

(these, in addition to the more general ones involving start-up enterprises
and broadcast-like entities)

John Willkie

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On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Bob Miller <robmxa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> That is all we were trying to do. Buy spectrum, as much as possible,
> put a piece of it to work and show its potential and drive the price
> of the spectrum to its real value. Part of that has happened already
> with Qualcomm and AT&T's plans possibly. Broadcasters were paying no
> attention to OTA spectrum. We were not on any kind of a crusade to
> save broadcasters. We were trying to make money.

You are a funny guy.

Remember when I contacted you in 2000 when I was with NDS working on
an alerting system that had already been demo'd in DC and deployed in
Kentucky w/ the nod from NOAA? And you gave me the cold shoulder,
saying that you were already 'involved' in that area?

Was it with the same vaporware as the rest of your arguments on this
list? I know it couldn't have been an actual software solution; as
none of the clowns (putting it kindly) in the 'alerting product space'
or 'alternative codec space' (except for a few) I have had the
displeasure of dealing with had the clue to actually create actual
product, instead of trying to BS their way through gatherings in DC
and/or backstab other vendors.

Seems to me that if your plan was to 'show value' then you should have
rallied product vendors to aid your cause. But from your own comments
it would seem you were too busy trying to keep all the 'cake'. Maybe
you should have learned from history (every vendor that has tried this
in the data space on OTA has gone bankrupt). And now you continue to
complain and lament your situation on this list.

In short - I'm with Willkie on this.


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