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Damn, you are single-minded and clueless!  

Stevens is a convicted felon who can only clear his name by dying before
sentencing, and the people of Alaska have seen fit to replace him.  His
election wouldn't have been a squeaker if Palin hadn't been in the second
slot on the ballot.

And, was I the only one who noted that Bob's intention was to advance the
removal of analog?  In otherwords, he persists in trying to change the

If his ideas had come to fruition about a year ago, they would be dying a
quick death now, since there clearly is no funding for innovative, expensive
ideas.  That will change, but Bob will not.

John Willkie

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We had at least four meetings with McCain's staff and a hundred phone
calls. I don't know if they ever understood what we were saying but we
showed our mobile video in at least two of those meetings. The one
thing they seemed interested in was the early responders need of
spectrum ASAP. They even called me a couple of times for information
on that and soon I was using the issue to start conversations with his
office. Later McCain started talking about the needs of early
responders and we think I may have had something to do with it. Never
picked up on the modulation issue though.

Have mixed emotions about Senator Stevens leaving the Senate. Always
good to see the average IQ of the Senate take a quantum leap up which
has to be true whoever replaced him but if it had not been for Stevens
bill that forced Auctions 44 and 49 of channels 54, 55 and 59 life
would not be so interesting.

Bob Miller

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