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Could be; I only know that the delta is about 4 seconds per day.


It's been long enough. 967,887,927 nanoseconds is the repetition rate of an
ATSC 8-VSB :"frame" (probably best to call it a data frame, to make the
distinction between video frames clear) and is ALSO the rate for an ATSC M/H
frame.  Oops, I probably shouldn't have said the latter.


It's rounded to 968 ms.


John Willkie



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Not certain, but I suspect it is the difference between time in siderial
seconds and UTC (atomic) seconds and we are coming up on a leap second, so
GPS_UTC_offset will change.




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Correction: that should be 967,887,927 nanoseconds.





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I probably won't be able to answer both these questions until early next
week, but here goes:


1)                   What is the significance of 967,887,927 picoseconds?

2)                   How will that figure become even more significant in
the near future?


And, I've checked - this one doesn't seem - at this point to be solvable via
Google.  I can give one hint: the figure is relevant to digital television.


John Willkie





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